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Taxes and the Un-taxable : A Moral Question?
Dr. Joe Brennan

Is paying taxes a moral responsibility? Why can’t I pay only what is legally required and no more? If off shore tax havens and factories are permitted by statute then why should I have any obligation to pay more than required? Isn’t this just the normal way of conducting business? Who said “I” should make America great again? What role does morality play in my business operations? These and other issues will be addressed in the Sunday service “Taxes and the Un-taxable”.

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Saturday, August 26, 2017    1-3 pm, Hearth room


Childcare available with notice before August 23rd

The mission of Thomas Jefferson Unitarian church is to make a difference in the world by creating a community of celebration, sharing and support, where we explore questions of belief, spirit and values, and where we welcome all who seek the paths of truth and who honor freedom with responsibility.


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This is our winter fine art and very fine craft event.
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“Together We Grow” Quilt

Together We GrowCollaborations are exciting, when they work well.  And this one certainly did.

Certainly, what makes collaborations exciting – as this one did, is that the ideas of multiple contributors are respected and combined, creating a one-of-a-kind product that none of us individually would think of.

We chose to create a tree as a symbol for our church, with a strong trunk and branches reaching outward, birds representing our members of our community, and plants representing not only our gardens and woods but also the work we value. 

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933184-Helping-Hands-Stock-Photo-hands-outstretched-handCaregiver Support Group
The Caregivers’ Support Group every First Tuesday of the month at 4 pm. All are welcome.This group is for anyone in a caregiving situation, either local or long-distance.

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We are Unitarian Universalists

All guns, illegal knives and other items that can conventionally be considered weapons will not be permitted at any TJ function. This would cover all concealed carry as well as open carry guns.

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