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“Strange Bedfellows in a Universe too big for any Mirror”

Chris Robinson

The tension between religion and science is palpable throughout modern American culture. Advocates of scientific rationalism denounce religion as superstition, and religious zealotry decries the scientific as blasphemous or soulless. A common moderation approach is towards reconciliation between the two as ‘equal opposites’, but this often leaves a poor taste to those seeking deeper coherence of meaning. I will be exploring the ways in which science and theology relate, how they overlap and, ultimately, how they support and feed one another. Along the way we’ll discuss the aesthetic of mathematical proof, the teleological nature of reality, and why the cover of every book ought to have the words “DON’T PANIC” on the front in large, friendly letters.

Chris Robinson is a PhD student at the University of Louisville, studying Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. A Centre College alumnus, his enjoyment of tormenting his humanities professors left him with a taste for philosophy and critique that bleeds into his mathematics daily.

The mission of Thomas Jefferson Unitarian church is to make a difference in the world by creating a community of celebration, sharing and support, where we explore questions of belief, spirit and values, and where we welcome all who seek the paths of truth and who honor freedom with responsibility.

Coming to TJUC This Summer!Peace_Camp_image

  • Space limited to 20 children per week
  • Families do not need to be members of the church to be part of PEACE Camp
  • Two Weeks: July 24 – 28 and August 7 – 11
  • 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (extended day option available)
  • Registrations due 3 weeks before camp starts

Registration is open NOW ! Click here for more information 

Together We Grow Quilt

Together We GrowCollaborations are exciting, when they work well.  And this one certainly did.

Certainly, what makes collaborations exciting – as this one did, is that the ideas of multiple contributors are respected and combined, creating a one-of-a-kind product that none of us individually would think of.

We chose to create a tree as a symbol for our church, with a strong trunk and branches reaching outward, birds representing our members of our community, and plants representing not only our gardens and woods but also the work we value. 

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                 Did you know TJ sponsors WinterFair!? 
                                           This is our winter fine art and very fine craft event.
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933184-Helping-Hands-Stock-Photo-hands-outstretched-handCaregiver Support Group
The Caregivers’ Support Group every First Tuesday of the month at 4 pm. All are welcome.This group is for anyone in a caregiving situation, either local or long-distance.

We welcome and affirm people of all abilities  – Click Here


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