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“Our relationship with marijuana: from Hebrew Scripture to the West End of Louisville”

 James Higdon will speak on Western humanity’s long and stormy history to the cannabis plant, which begins in the Book of Exodus. Once a focal point of early Hebrew spirituality, the cannabis plant was shunned by later Old Testament authors, after associating cannabis with King Solomon’s reverence of the Queen of Heaven, aka the Divine Feminine. American history has followed a similar storyline. Once grown in vast plantations by the likes of Thomas Jefferson and Henry Clay, the American government decided the cannabis plant to be unfit for society about 45 years ago. Today, we are suffering from the results of this decades-long prohibition. The violence and poverty of the West End of Louisville stems from a number of sources, but the use of police power to enforce the marijuana prohibition perpetuates the cycle of violence.

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31st Annual

January 27th, 7:00 pm

Bring your non-amplified instruments and play (or just sing!) with John Gage and friends. Supervised children are welcome. $7/ person (Kids under 12 are free) Munchies and soft drinks provided. Please no alcoholic beverages.

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