This Sunday  – 11am

“Oskar and The Eight Blessings”
Barb Friedland, DLRE, and Friends 
The TJUC Players, featuring our children and youth, joyfully present our annual storytelling service.This family-friendly service will enact the tale of Oskar, a young Jewish boy who is sent to safety by his parents to find his Aunt Esther in New York City. The problem is that all he has is an old photograph of her and an address scribbled on a piece of paper. How will Oskar find his Aunt and what blessings will he encounter during his long journey? Come to this heart-warming service about hope and blessings to find out.  After our service ends, we will welcome a very special visitor. This service includes our mitten tree tradition as well. Please bring mittens, gloves, hats etc. to donate to people in need. The Malvina Reynolds room will be staffed to support our Wee Ones as needed.


The mission of Thomas Jefferson Unitarian church is to make a difference in the world by creating a community of celebration, sharing and support, where we explore questions of belief, spirit and values, and where we welcome all who seek the paths of truth and who honor freedom with responsibility.

Sunday Mornings at 9:30 am:
Being Human: Life Lessons from the Frontiers of Science
Understanding our humanity—the very essence of who we are and how we live our lives—is one of the deepest mysteries and biggest challenges in modern science. As we learn more about the mechanisms of human behavior through evolutionary biology, neuroscience, anthropology, psychology, sociology, and other related fields, we’re discovering just how intriguing the human species is. And while scientists are continually uncovering deep similarities between our behavior and that of other animals, they’re also finding a wealth of insights into everything that makes us unique from any other species on Earth. (12 Sunday video lectures)

933184-Helping-Hands-Stock-Photo-hands-outstretched-handCaregiver Support Group
The Caregivers’ Support Group every First Tuesday of the month at 4 pm. All are welcome.This group is for anyone in a caregiving situation, either local or long-distance.

TJ T-Shirts!
Are available for pickup in the church office. They  cost $15 and have several sizes. Advertise TJ and Stand on the Side of Love.

We welcome and affirm people of all abilities  – Click Here

We are Unitarian Universalists

All guns, illegal knives and other items that can conventionally be considered weapons will not be permitted at any TJ function. This would cover all concealed carry as well as open carry guns.

Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church is a non-smoking campus.

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