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“Letting Go”
Rev. Elwood Sturtevant

Here’s the beginning of the description of October’s theme: “We cling. You name it, we’ve wrapped our grasping fingers and anxious hearts around it: success, safety, society’s standards of beauty, personal desires to be accepted, perfectionism, duty, fear, grudges, hurts, hopes, stuff, shame and privilege. Whether the object of our grasping is good or bad is not, as we learn, truly the issue. It’s the grasping itself. That’s the real problem. Holding on too long and too tightly is never good for the soul.”  And, it’s our annual Apple Communion. – ERS


The mission of Thomas Jefferson Unitarian church is to make a difference in the world by creating a community of celebration, sharing and support, where we explore questions of belief, spirit and values, and where we welcome all who seek the paths of truth and who honor freedom with responsibility.

Picture2Leading the Way

Let’s lead by example by showing our values in action and reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible with an addition to our solar energy systems project. The Green Sanctuary Committee has blazed a trail forward in energy efficiency assessments and upgrades for our church. (Read more…)

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The New Religious Exploration Year is Here!
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Caregiver Support Group

The Caregivers’ Support Group every First Tuesday of the month at 4 pm.  All are welcome.This group is for anyone in a caregiving situation,
either local or long-distance.

We welcome and affirm people of all abilities  – Click Here


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Now Showing in the Marx Gallery:

20160731_145443Debra Lott is an artist and retired educator specializing in oil painting with an expertise in portraiture and large scale figurative paintings. Her social justice themed paintings have been featured in the National Art Education Womens’ Caucus in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013, as well as at the National Women’s Caucus for the Arts in galleries throughout the United States.

She produces charcoal drawings and finished oils with the source of inspiration being the female form. To Lott this subject is dynamic and inexhaustible and reflects the human experience, specifically, women adjusting to and coping with contemporary challenges. Depicting all ethnicities, and socio-economic levels, young and old, her artistic statement is done in large-scale works.

WinterFair 2016! Artists click here for more information

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