Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church.

Our Unitarian Universalist Principles  are important in understanding the basics of our faith community, and we hope that as you spend time with us, you’ll see how we try to live these principles.  We practice inclusivity and we do our best to make sure that everyone feels a sense of relationship in our liberal religious home. 

As you begin to become familiar with Unitarian Universalism and how we do things at TJUC, you may have specific questions.  Janet Taylor [janet@tjuc.org], our Membership Coordinator, or any of our staff or Board members will be happy to speak with you about TJ and the UU tradition.  However, we’ve tried to anticipate some of your questions, and to make room for sharing them with other people exploring the possibility of membership by offering some Newcomer Orientations. 

In general, membership at TJUC involves:     

  • being in sympathy with the purposes and program of this congregation
  • attending a Newcomer Orientation (unless you were previously a UU)
  • filling out the Membership Enrollment forms, including the Talent Survey and a current year Pledge form. (To remain an active member, members must make a financial contribution of at least the amount TJ pays per member to the UUA and MidAmerica Region, currently $87. A waiver can be obtained from the Minister or the Membership Committee)
  • signing the Membership Book

Members vote on such things as TJ’s annual budget, calling a minister, and electing the Board.  Members are eligible to hold elected positions at TJ. 

After signing our Membership Book you:

  • Will be introduced to the church at a New Member Recognition Ceremony.
  • Will be contacted to make a pledge if you have not aready.
  • Will be interviewed by the Membership Coordinator to find out what gifts you have to share with the church, how you would like to become involved.
  • Will be interviewed by a church member who will write an article for the church newsletter to introduce you to the congregation.
  • Will have your picture taken for the lobby bulletin board and newsletter article.

We hope that as you come to learn more about us and feel more at home, you will want to become a member of this community of open hearts, inquiring minds, and helping hands.

Our welcome to new members:

(Congregation:) We welcome you to our church
 and to the challenges and comforts it provides.
We offer you the freedom to learn and grow,
 and the support of the community in times of doubt or need.
We invite you to join with us in making religion
 not just the words we say,
 but the ways in which we live and attend to the needs of our spirits.
We call upon you to live up to the best that is within you,
 and in turn remind us of our pledge to do the same.
We have made a place of service and commitment,
 of celebration and commemoration, of affirmation and responsibility,
 and we are proud and grateful that you have chosen freely
 to join and enhance this church.

(New Members:) With the gifts of a book and a rose,
 we enter a community with roots in history and hope in the future,
 a tradition founded in the spirit of freedom and thankfulness,
 and in respect for the interdependent web of all existence.
We bring in turn ourselves – our strengths and doubts,
 our energies and desires, our ideals and humanity –
And we bring our willingness to explore the opportunities
 for involvement and fellowship this community provides.

(All:) We join together to encourage and inspire, to share and belong,
To encounter the wonder and mystery of life,
And to make for ourselves and for our children
A church that is worthy of our love and loyalty.