Caregiver Support Group
The Caregivers’ Support Group first Tuesday of the month at 4 pm
in the Hearth Room at TJ.  All are welcome.

The Caregivers’ Support Group will meet on Tuesday, January 7th at 4 pm in the Hearth Room at TJ.  Please join this group if you find yourself in the caregiver role, either here in Louisville or in a long-distance capacity.  Marj Heifner or the church office are the contacts if you have questions. 


Chalice Circles – Small Group Ministry


 Why are we here (in church)?  Probably on a quest for Truth and Meaning at some level, and maybe to belong to a group of like-minded folks.  One of the ways we can pursue our personal quest for meaning, and get to know 10 – 12 people is in a “Chalice Circle.”  These are small groups who covenant to meet together every month for a year.  There is a standard format for each meeting — opening & closing readings, chalice lighting, personal check-in and check-out, and discussion of a group-selected topic.  Chalice Circles are a great way to make new friends at TJ, while also performing service projects and socializing together.

 A new 2014 cycle of Chalice Circles begins this month.  There are 10+ circles this year, meeting on different days and times, so there is a choice likely to fit your schedule. All TJ members and friends are invited to join a Chalice Circle.  Groups are open now, and TJ visitors are welcome.    Contact Kim Pendley 384-2100, for more details.


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