TJ Dreams Of a Justice Center to Develop Justice Partnerships

TJ has become respected within our community in many ways including our passion involving environmental and social justice issues.  Part of TJ’s Five Year Goals includes “…to develop and implement a shared strategic plan with other social justice partner organizations.” (attract new members through shared efforts on social justice goals and actions).

As our minister, Elwood […]

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Wedding Venue Review

Katie said… 
This venue has a range of options, and we were having a small event and their vintage farmhouse was perfect. It was the perfect area for a small and intimate for wedding. It doubled as a ceremony and reception with space for about twenty people to fit comfortably. The decor and arbor were beautiful. […]

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Wedding Wire

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YELP Review from Happy Facility Renter!

Jill B.
Louisville, KY


Our women’s group met twice in one half of the Sawyer Room. It was bright, had loads of chairs and tables, which we put in a circle. It had technology available, and though we didn’t need it, it was nice to know it was there. If we meet again […]

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Wedding Wire Review 5 Star Rating! *****

Annishia wrote you a Review (5.0/5.0): – 10/03/2016 10:40 am

“My husband and I loved the place, everybody was helpful and nice. We were able to bring any outside vendor and DJ. The price was very reasonable and they had different options to fit my needs. The staff worked very hard to give us everything […]

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8/19/2016  5.0/5.0  YELP

The staff did a great job organizing and providing quality service for my Parent’s 65th wedding anniversary.  They worked hard to make everything go perfectly and make the event memorable and pleasurable.  We plan to use them again for the 70th anniversary!

-Eric S.  Ypsilanti, MI


7/8/2016 5.0/5.0  YELP

When we found out that the location […]

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TJUC Wedding Venue Review! -July 2016

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