MinistER’S Musings – August 2017: What Happened At G.A.

Much happened at General Assembly this past June.  Among other things:  We elected a new President, the Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, formerly minister of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix, AZ – the UUA’s first elected woman President (see ).

We adopted a new (and lengthy) Statement of Conscience regarding “Escalating Economic Inequality” (see ).

We adopted […]

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MinistER’S Musings – July 2017: Facilities

When I first came to TJ in 1987, the main church building was about 23 years old. Sunday services were held in Weston Hall, all of the classrooms in the main building had preschool-sized furniture in them, and the youth usually met in a moldy, poorly heated space called the Carport which had once been […]

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MinistER’S Musings – June 2017: Prelude to UUA General Assembly

The General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association will take place from June 21 to June 25 in New Orleans. Links to live video feed of GA events can be found at – remember that New Orleans is in the Central Time Zone, so that the times shown are an hour later here. This […]

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MinistER’S Musings– May 2017: Race and the UUA

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MinistER’S Musings – April 2017: Civil Religion

The interplay of theology with American culture and politics appears to be shifting. The March 1 issue of The Christian Century (a progressive Christian publication with the motto “Thinking Critically, Living Faithfully”) observed that “From George Washington to Barack Obama, presidents have spoken of the United States as having a divinely appointed mission to spread […]

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MinistER’S Musings – March 2017: Generosity

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MinstER’S Musings – January 2017: Resistance

Chances are, by now you’ve noticed that we’re trying out monthly themes this year at TJ.  Maybe you’ve noticed the theme in connection with a Sunday service, or you’ve looked at the theme questions we’ve been including in the Tapestry?  For this year, at least, we’ve been using materials shared by dozens of UU congregations […]

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MinstER’S Musings – December 2016: Acting In Spite of Uncertainty

About 25 years ago, a minister colleague, the Rev. Burton Carley, wrote about having been asked by a local publication to make a prediction about the future of religion. This is part of what Burton wrote (from the Jan. 1990 First Days Record) –

The only thing I will predict is the utter unpredictability […]

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MinistER’S Musings – November 2016: Ancestry

The “theme” for November is Ancestry: “There is a difference between relatives and ancestors. Relatives give us our brown eyes and bowed legs; ancestors bless and burden us with a legacy. Relatives are those we tell stories about; ancestors call us to carry the story forward. Our relatives allowed us to be here; our ancestors […]

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Remarks at the Kentucky Interfaith Power and Light (KIPL) “Hope in Action Awards” Dinner

by Rev. Elwood Sturtevant – edited for written version

Thank you for inviting me to speak. I’m here because Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church (“TJ”) received its “Kippie” / Hope in Action Award from you in 2010 for the work  it had done to become a Unitarian Universalist Association-recognized Green Sanctuary, the first one in Kentucky.  The […]

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