TJ Dreams Of a Justice Center to Develop Justice Partnerships

TJ has become respected within our community in many ways including our passion involving environmental and social justice issues.  Part of TJ’s Five Year Goals includes “…to develop and implement a shared strategic plan with other social justice partner organizations.” (attract new members through shared efforts on social justice goals and actions).

As our minister, Elwood […]

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I CALL HER O – By Tish Moore, TJ Member

She’s a sophomore at Shawnee High School (now). Because of poor judgment by several adults in her life, her life has been difficult. She’s my match at Big Brother/Big Sister and one of the high points of my week. We see each other once at week at school for 35-40 minutes. Her D last January […]

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Participate in Louisville’s 2017 Solar Tour

Louisville will celebrate participating in the 10th annual Solar Tour this year on October 7, 2017.

Using solar energy helps to reduce carbon emissions in our community’s air, and also can mean saving money today. Installing a solar energy system will reduce the monthly energy bills, and homeowners can benefit from the 30% federal solar tax […]

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New Initiatives from Social Justice Committee – and a Call to your Involvement!

In Late July, the SJC held our annual planning retreat. We agreed that one of our most important goals is to engage you, the broader congregation, in TJ’s social justice mission. We therefore made some changes to our committee’s structure in order to provide different and better opportunities for you to be involved in this […]

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Blue House Share the Plate Special Collection THANK YOU!

TJUC’s August Share the Plate collection raised $841 to fund renovations of The Blue House. The Blue House serves as a musical training ground where over 200 students have learned to play violin. Those of you who weren’t able to participate and would still like to donate can do so at https://

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Citizens’ Climate Lobby & TJ

The Green Sanctuary Committee is asking that TJ officially endorse the Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL), a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change. At our May congregational meeting we will ask the congregation to vote on this endorsement.  As required by our by-laws, we are offering several opportunities to […]

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Rides to the Polls

From the times of the abolitionists to the Civil Rights Movement members of the Unitarian Church have been numbered among the leadership. During this election, Thomas Jefferson Church received a request for drivers to take voters to the polls. A good dozen responded including one seventy seven year old R.N. who drove directly from her […]

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Let Go of the Privilege of White Privilege

In keeping with TJ’s engagement with Black Lives Matter,  one of the suggested engagements with October’s theme of “Letting Go” is particularly appropriate:

Let Go of the Privilege of White Privilege

Letting go is ultimately about letting in. When it comes to the work of multicultural competence, this takes the form of trying to set aside one’s […]

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An Introduction to Islam

Thursday Evening at 7:00

Thursday, Oct. 13 – An Introduction to Islam –

Islam remains in the news as we see claims that America is at war with a whole religion.  We’ll create a safe space for your questions, and use materials from The Islam Project and PBS to begin to understand something about the […]

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Remarks at the Kentucky Interfaith Power and Light (KIPL) “Hope in Action Awards” Dinner

by Rev. Elwood Sturtevant – edited for written version

Thank you for inviting me to speak. I’m here because Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church (“TJ”) received its “Kippie” / Hope in Action Award from you in 2010 for the work  it had done to become a Unitarian Universalist Association-recognized Green Sanctuary, the first one in Kentucky.  The […]

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