The Freethinker Friendly Program

Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church is a Freethinker Friendly Church

We are Freethinker Friendly: we provide a welcoming community for people with all spiritual beliefs, including beliefs that do not include a god or higher power.

Unitarian Universalist congregations have been welcoming humanists, atheists, agnostics, and other freethinkers for over 100 years! Families, especially, find supportive and loving community and a village to help raise their children — often an oasis of acceptance within the larger culture. For many non-theists, a UU congregation is the only place they can be open about their beliefs and still share in the opportunity to express their love for humanity through service, and to engage with others through life’s joys and challenges.

At the same time, Unitarian Universalism’s historic identity as emerging from Christian movements, and the church-based language and style that comes with that history, can be a stumbling block for potential members who identify as non-theist or come from secular backgrounds. Now your congregation can extend a welcome publicly by becoming a Freethinker Friendly congregation.

Just as being a Welcoming Congregation for LGBTQ people does not imply being unwelcoming to straight people, being Freethinker Friendly does not imply being unwelcoming to theists. Unitarian Universalists are proud to be part of a pluralistic religious tradition, one that welcomes people of many beliefs and celebrates the richness that diversity brings.