Wee Ones
For Babies and Toddlers Under Four Years
Families are warmly welcomed to bring wee ones to the Malvina Reynolds Room. We open at 9:30 AM every Sunday to support parents who would like to participate in the Adult Religious Exploration group. We close at 12:30 PM. Please supply any needed diapering items as well as any special snacks. Families who use our childcare program are asked to please complete a registration form.

Rainbow Seekers
Best for Pre-Kindergarten through First Grade Children 

Our Pre-Kindergarten through First grade children will explore our Unitarian Universalist faith tradition though a wonderfully warm and gentle curriculum called “Rainbow Seekers”.  Rainbow Seekers provides a weekly selection of activities revolving around a “UU gem” such as ‘Working together at church makes this a nice place to come’, ‘Everyone needs a home’, and ‘It’s fun to wonder and ask questions’. 

Wonder Weavers

Best for Pre-Kindergarten through First Grade Children 

Our Second through Fifth Grade children gather with a team of trained volunteers. The group will use a favorite curriculum for the Fall and Winter Spring Semesters called, Spirit of Adventure to explore Unitarian Universalism through unique themes and hands-on activities. Visit this link for a look at this curriculum: http://www.uure.com/spirit.html


Best for Middle School Youth

Our Middle School youth will be exploring world religions using materials pulled from a new UUA Tapestry of Faith resource called Building Bridges. Led by a team of trained volunteers, this program will include multigenerational visits to selected houses of worship, including a Jewish Temple, an Islamic Mosque and more. Visit this link for a look at the Building Bridges materials: http://www.uua.org/re/tapestry/youth/bridges


Flame Keepers

For High School Youth

With support from their adult Guide Team, our High School youth have a voice in what they explore. This year, the youth will explore their own theology, what it means to live as a young Unitarian Universalist, as well as diving deeper into selected faith traditions. The group will also engage in regular Making a Difference days.