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Wee Ones Play Group
For Babies and Toddlers Up to Three Years

Alice the Chalice graphic © 2014 Peter Bowden

Alice the Chalice graphic © 2014 Peter Bowden

Families are warmly welcomed to bring wee ones to the Malvina Reynolds Room. We open at 9:30 AM every Sunday to support parents who would like to participate in the Adult Religious Exploration group. We close at 12:30 PM. Please supply any needed diapering items as well as any special snacks. Families who use our childcare program are asked to please complete a registration form.


Rainbow Seekers
Best for Children Over Three Through Kindergarten
Rainbow seekers image
Our pre-elementary aged children will explore their wonderings and ask questions in this wonderfully warm, gentle, and engaging approach to building the beginnings of Unitarian Universalist identity. The group will also explore our monthly themes. This group is led by a professional educator who is a lifelong UU.


Wonder Weavers

Best for First Through Fifth Grade Children 

Wonder Weavers imageOur elementary age children gather with a team of trained volunteers to explore the stories of our Unitarian Universalist history, using a time travelers approach. Each week, children will travel through time using a machine of their own creation to build an awareness and appreciation for our UU faith tradition timeline. The group will also devote one Sunday each month to exploring our monthly themes. 



Best for Middle School Youth

Explorers imageOur Middle School youth will be exploring a broad range of topics using an engaging new curriculum called Lodestone: Magnetizing Middle School. The goal of Lodestone is to provide fun as well as deep teachable moments, so that middle schoolers are attracted like iron to a magnet! For more information about this program CLICK HERE  The group will also devote one Sunday each month to exploring our monthly themes. 

Flame Keepers

For High School Youth

Flame keepersWith support from their adult Guide Team, our High School youth will explore leadership using Bringing The Web to Life, a youth ministry leadership development curriculum for congregations offered by the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries of the Unitarian Universalist Association. A second unit will focus on Be The Change! Youth Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Project. This project provides a starting place for discussions about the role of race, identity, and justice in living out their faith. The project includes activities, further links and resources, and an online community to support groups engaging with the project. The group will also devote one Sunday each month to exploring our monthly themes.