ministER’S musings – December 2017

ministER’S musings

You may have heard me claim that the work of a UU minister has been said to consist of “comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.” It turns out that phrase was first said, over 100 years ago, to be the job of a newspaper. Later, Reinhold Niebuhr apparently said it was the […]

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Let’s Encourage Civility

The Initiative to Revive Civility
In order to counter the incivility that too often dominates our public discourse, the National Institute for Civil Discourse has launched the Initiative to Revive Civility, a national grassroots effort that highlights the need to change the tone of our current politics and suggests specific things that each individual can do […]

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Ten Thousand Ripples, ​Public Art, Peace and Community Engagement


Gun violence

What will our children think, feel, do?

Wrapped in parents arms,

Our children witness

Daily the unthinking use of guns.


Mass Murder, Public Health Emergency,  or Genocide

The unrelenting avalanche of images, played over and over again on countless TV’s and Youtube videos, smartphones, inflicts an epidemic of fear on our children, youth, and other unformed brains.

Emotions outpace rationale […]

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November TJ Members and Friends Art Display in Roberta Marx Gallery!

Annual TJ Members and Friends Art Show

Now on display in the Roberta Marx Gallery, we have this year’s art Member’s show.  All pieces are created by people at TJ, friends you know and others you want to meet. These pieces Will be on display until December 4. Enjoy the show!


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TJ Dreams Of a Justice Center to Develop Justice Partnerships

TJ Dreams Of a Justice Center to Develop Justice Partnerships

TJ has become respected within our community in many ways including our passion involving environmental and social justice issues.  Part of TJ’s Five Year Goals includes “…to develop and implement a shared strategic plan with other social justice partner organizations.” (attract new members through shared efforts […]

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Unitarian-Universalist Policy on Immigration- offered by Dr. Joe Brennan, TJ

Unitarian Universalist Policy on Immigration

The Unitarian Universalist Associations of Congregations affirms that: “1) all people—-without regard to immigration status —deserve access to fair wages, education, housing, healthcare, and other social services; 2) immigrants are at high risk for being denied basic rights and services and thus warrant our special support”. As such we oppose any […]

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TJ Community- from Janet Taylor, Membership Coordinator

When Life Gives You Scraps, Make Quilts         

By now, you have noticed our beautiful quilt hanging in the sanctuary. Loving, creative hands and hearts worked for a year piecing together intentions for coming and staying in our community.

To give you a little foundation-a quilt is made of three parts: a top, a batting (lining) and […]

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Sunday Mornings at 9:30- Adult Religious Exploration

Sunday morning adult exploration class schedule for November:

Sunday November 5 current Issues topic

Federal Tax Policy

A recent proposed tax system framework promises future economic growth and more jobs. Are there alternative approaches to developing a more productive economy and society than the conventional approach of adjusting tax rates, exemptions and deductions? What questions can be asked […]

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ministER’S musings – November 2017

ministER’S musings

 With Christmas decorations already appearing (it’s October as I write this), I can’t help but feel that make-or-break holiday for the retail businesses of the nation tends to overshadow the quieter, more UU holiday of Thanksgiving. Most of you know that we UU’s claim a connection to Thanksgiving, in that congregation founded by […]

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Sunday Mornings at 9:30

First Sunday Contemporary Issues – October 1st at 9:30 am

              Racial Justice in America and UUA Involvement


9:30 AM all other Sundays – Drop In Discussion Group – Continuing Series:  

The Darwinian Revolution, with Prof. Frederick Gregory, PhD in the History of Science from Harvard.

“Published 150 years ago, Charles Darwin’s On the Origin […]

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