Sunday Services


May 7th
Rev. Elwood Sturtevant

There’s an old joke about three clergy who are each approached to do a blessing for a new Maserati.  The first two, say a Catholic priest and a Methodist minister, are happy to do a blessing, but ask “What’s a Maserati?”  The third, a UU, supposedly asks about the performance specs of the sports car, but asks “What’s a blessing?”  The UU minister of the joke apparently doesn’t understand that we UUs actually largely operate out of a theology of blessing.  I’ll try to explain – ERS

May 14th
“Law and Love”
Rev. Elwood Sturtevant

Sometimes churches teach that the so-called “Old” Testament is about law, while Jesus brought new teachings about love.  Some people say that the main split in worldviews these days comes down to those who favor a “strict father” view, and those who favor a “nurturing parent” view.  I’ll explore some of the connections between theology and worldviews on this Mother’s Day Sunday.  We’ll also have a special collection for Kentucky Health Justice Network – ERS

May 21

Celebration Sunday!

Barb Friedland, DLRE, and friends

Join in the spirit of discovery as we celebrate lifespan religious exploration in this special service for all ages. An activity table will be available to provide support for families and the Malvina Reynolds room will provide activities and care for our Wee Ones. Our gathering will feature some of what our RE groups for children and youth have been exploring this year. We’ll also honor our many LRE volunteers. Along the way, there will be song, story, and fun. Come- join us- and be part of the religious exploration adventure.


May 28th

Rev. Elwood Sturtevant

– As part of our annual Memorial Day weekend service, please bring something that reminds you of a loved one who has died.  Those who are willing will be invited to share briefly about a loved one as we honor not only members of our community, but those who are especially missed by our community’s members. – ERS


June 4th

Rev. Elwood Sturtevant

Muhammad Ali died just over a year ago, and I had originally thought this would be a good Sunday to look back at his Louisville – both the racist Louisville that wounded him and the supportive Louisville that claimed him as our own greatest – as a way of looking at race in our society.  Now TJ has been invited to join in engaging with the concerns about “white supremacy” with the rest of the UUA, so I’ll try to do that today.  – ERS