Sunday Services

March 5th

“Together We Grow”

Rev. Elwood Sturtevant


This is our annual canvass kick-off Sunday, as well as the day we dedicate the amazing quilt that so many of you have helped create.  As promised, I plan to speak more on the benefits of generosity. – ERS


March 12th

“A Practical Theology of Hospitable Solidarity”

Rev. Chris Rothbauer


Why have Unitarian Universalists have long been allied with justice causes and interfaith groups? What would it look like if we saw such solidarity as an expression of radical hospitality? In this service, our guest Rev. Chris Rothbauer will examine the theological roots of our solidarity with oppressed and marginalized groups, and how our calling to offer friendship and sanctuary to people of various identities and cultures is rooted in a sense of hospitality and peacemaking.


March 19th

“In Spring”

Rev. Elwood Sturtevant


This is the Sunday that I will look at the theme for this month, “Liberation,” but I figured if I put that on the sign out front, people would think I meant to speak about some kind of radical politics, when instead, the theme invitation is to “look honestly and hopefully at the many ways that liberation requires a clear-eyed re-assessment of our choices, not just a battle against those bad guys.”  Spring, I think, invites us to look at a life around us anew. – ERS


March 26th
“The Roots of Humanism”
Rev. Elwood Sturtevant

Many UUs identify as humanists, and many humanists look back to the first Humanist Manifesto, written in 1933.  I want to go back before that formal statement to look at some of the roots of humanism, and also at the “March for Science” currently scheduled for 4/22, Earth Day. – ERS