Sunday Services

August 6th

Twenty Blue Notes and a Billet Doux

Frank Richmond and Cozad Taylor

Besides the literal meanings of words, there are many layers of connotations, allusions, metaphors, and semiotics, creating a constantly shifting rainbow of meaning. One color in that rainbow, blue, has gained in popular usage a meaning from jazz.  To “sing the blues” is to express ongoing sadness, and it is no accident that the blues and jazz grew out of the tragedy of African American slavery and subjugation. Technically, a blue note is a wrong note, one that contradicts the social demands of the normative major scale, so jazz is inherently subversive.  Visual artist Cozad Taylor, poet Roi Jean Boudin, and musician Frank Richmond join forces to explore complex and elusive interplay between representational and abstract art, social belonging and alienation expressed through poetry, and the ability of the arts to transcend loneliness, loss and despair.  The service will be woven of multimedia art pieces, poems, and music.


August 13th

Should My Conscience Determine Your Life?

Joe Brennan and Jim Wayne

Should my conscience dictate the norms of your life? Does civil law determine community behavior, or do religious convictions determine civil law? Can my conscience direct non disclosure of taxes, justify off shore financial havens, exclude services for minorities, prohibit immigration of certain religions? Should my concept of right and wrong be established by religious authorities, Christian scriptures, the Koran, the Torah? What is a truly informed conscience and the consequences of following its dictates for my life and the lives of others?


August 20th

Mingling of the Waters

Rev. Elwood Sturtevant

This is our annual multigenerational ingathering service. Please bring some water symbolic of what was meaningful about your summer as we try to touch the deep springs of life that connect us all to the interdependent web.  — ERS


August 27th

Taxes and the Un-taxable : A Moral Question?

Dr. Joe Brennan

Is paying taxes a moral responsibility? Why can’t I pay only what is legally required and no more? If off shore tax havens and factories are permitted by statute then why should I have any obligation to pay more than required? Isn’t this just the normal way of conducting business? Who said “I” should make America great again? What role does morality play in my business operations? These and other issues will be addressed in the Sunday service “Taxes and the Un-taxable.” 

Conscience: Determining Right from Wrong